The restaurant “I Ghibellini” is located in a Florentine palazzo dating from the XIV century, Palazzo Corbizzi. The restaurant’s location is in the oldest and most charectistic part of the city center. This is the area where Dante Aligieri lived; nearby is the medieval Donati Tower which belonged to the family of Gemma Donati, the great poet’s wife.

The Piazza San Pier Maggiore is in eastern part of the historic city center, near Piazza Santa Croce. The square, which Florentines have always called San Pierino (literally Little St. Peter) is named after the Church of St. Peter the Elder which was destroyed in 1783 though the arches of the portico are still visible. Today it is a very quaint and alive area of the city, full of small shops and artisan’s worshops, a perfect place for both tourists and locals.